Investment Strategy

The objective of TOTVS|Ventures is to invest in high potential companies that know how to make the most of the pontential synergies of the TOTVS ecosystem.

As shareholders, we aim to add value to the invested company, by contributing to its growth, profitability and efficiency. To that end, we promote several kinds of partnerships within the TOTVS Group, from networking to integration with its products and channels, leveraging our global potential.

Therefore, we strive to build robust companies until they are ready to face new growth cycles, brought forward by events such as IPOs, M&A or further financing.

Investment Process

  1. Get in touch through the form on our website
  2. Alignment of expectations about the deal’s potential and investment thesis definition
  3. Business plan analysis and negotiation
  4. Due diligence

Post-investment dynamics

Incubation process to leverage the startup and accelerate growth.

Mentoring: experience and knowledge exchange with successful entrepreneurs and senior executives to help the startups in strategic decision making, in the professional development of the entrepreneurs and in networking.

Physical space and facilities: work stations available inside the TOTVS campus to help unlock synergies.

Marketing: participation in TOTVS press relations activities.

Provision of services: special deals with selected providers of audit, accounting and payroll services.